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Senate Passes School Safety Package

By John Forester | March 21, 2018

From WisPolitics.com …

The Senate late last night approved on a 28-4 vote its version of a plan aimed at increasing school safety.

The proposal, adopted as an amendment to AB 843, differs from the six special session bills Assembly Republicans had been considering in a public hearing. Still, it leaves in place the major points of the legislation, including the creation of an Office of School Safety and the availability of $100 million in one-time money for school safety-related grants.

The plan received nearly unanimous support, although Dem Sens. Mark Miller, of Monona, Dave Hansen, of Green Bay, Fred Risser, of Madison, and Lena Taylor, of Milwaukee, voted against it.

Among the biggest changes in the Senate version compared to the Assembly are: the grants wouldn’t be able to be used to pay armed school safety officers’ salaries; the grant funding is no longer allocated on a three-year timeline; and school officials wouldn’t be required to tell students of parents involved in bullying within 48 hours of the incident.

The Senate version also strikes the mention of Special Session Assembly Bill 6, which would create an exception in student privacy laws to let law enforcement get school surveillance footage if it “serves a legitimate safety interest.”

See Wisconsin State Journal article here.

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