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State Supreme Court Approves GOP Maps

By John Forester | April 18, 2022

ICYMI – The Court announced this ruling last Friday, April 15th.

From WisPolitics.com …

The Wisconsin Supreme Court in a 4-3 ruling today implemented the maps GOP lawmakers had proposed, finding they are race neutral and stick to the least-change approach the justices had previously set as a foundation for the lines.

The maps — barring a further legal challenge — could put Republicans on the verge of two-thirds majorities in both houses of the Legislature after the upcoming elections.

Republicans currently have a 61-38 majority in the Assembly and 21-12 in the Senate.

Under the current maps in place since 2011, Joe Biden won 37 Assembly districts as he took the statewide contest by more than 20,000 votes. If the GOP map had been in place two years ago, he would’ve won 35.

Both the existing Senate map and the one Republicans proposed have 11 Biden districts.

Justice Brian Hagedorn joined fellow conservatives in the majority after originally backing maps Gov. Tony Evers drew. But the U.S. Supreme Court overturned that decision, finding the Wisconsin justices had failed to do the required analysis needed to justify the seven majority Black Assembly districts that Evers had proposed, up from the current six.

Hagedorn wrote in a concurring opinion that he understood the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling as directing the state justices to start with a race neutral map, writing he sees “the Legislature’s proposal constituting our only feasible option.”

The GOP map drops the number of majority Black Assembly districts to five. That could draw a legal challenge, though the majority in today’s ruling argued the lines complied with the Voting Rights Act.

Read the decision here.

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