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SAA PAC Frequently Asked Questions

By John Forester | April 8, 2021

In 2003, the SAA Legislative Committee created SAA PAC, which is supported by members of all five SAA member associations, to strengthen the identity of the SAA and to improve the management of our combined political activities.  The SAA Legislative Committee believes that SAA PAC is vitally important to our objective of establishing a comprehensive SAA giving program designed to strengthen our relationships with lawmakers and influence legislation.

What is SAA PAC?

SAA PAC is the SAA’s registered political action committee (PAC) in Wisconsin.  A PAC is any political committee, other than a candidate committee or a political party committee, which receives contributions, distributes funds, or incurs obligations for the purpose of influencing the election or defeat of candidates to state or local office.  SAA PAC funds are used for campaign contributions designed to help reelect “friends of public education,” strengthen our relationships with key legislators and, ultimately, to influence legislation.  SAA PAC is the SAA’s primary campaign contribution vehicle.

How are SAA PAC funds distributed?

The SAA Executive Director develops a PAC contribution plan that conforms to the following SAA PAC contribution guidelines. This plan is subject to the approval of the SAA Board of Directors.  It is also reviewed by the SAA Legislative Committee.   The distribution of SAA PAC campaign contributions is largely limited to:

Are political contributions tax deductible?

No.  (Sorry, but it’s the law.)

How do I contribute?

If you are interested in supporting the SAA PAC, please contact the SAA by email or by phone at 608-242-1370.  The SAA also has a secure on-line credit card option for your SAA PAC contributions.  Simply access the SAA website (www.wsaa.org) and hit the Donate Now button on the left-hand side of our home page.

Please note, the Wisconsin Elections Commission advises members to make online contributions from a personal electronic device and not on school servers!  

Paid for by SAA Political Action Committee, Beth Holznagel, Treasurer

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