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Pope and Others Propose Voucher Accountability Package

By John Forester | December 11, 2019

From The Wheeler Report . . .

Reps. Sondy Pope and Dave Considine and Sens. Jon Erpenbach and Janet Bewley are circulating four bills as part of their “Voucher School Accountability to Protect Property Taxpayers” package.

LRB-4156 Memo Special Needs Scholarships (Pope, Sondy) Phasing out the Special Needs Scholarship Program and limiting enrollment in parental choice programs.

LRB-4164 Memo Teacher Licensure (Pope, Sondy) Teacher licensure in parental choice programs and in the Special Needs Scholarship Program and granting rule-making authority.

LRB-3674 Memo School Aid (Bewley, Janet) State aid to the resident school district of a pupil attending a private school under the Racine or statewide parental choice program.

LRB-5044 Memo Per Pupil Payments (Erpenbach, Jon) Per pupil payments to private schools participating in parental choice programs.

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