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LFB Releases General School Aid Publication

By John Forester | November 26, 2019

From The Wheeler Report:

Legislative Fiscal Bureau has released the 2019-20 General School Aid Amounts.  According to the memo, for the 2019-20 school year, 399 of the 421 school districts are eligible for $4,687.7 million in equalized aid, 25 districts are eligible for $46.7 million in integration aid, and 61 districts are eligible for $5.7 million in special adjustment aid. Compared to the prior year, 345 districts will receive positive prior year aid adjustments, 20 districts will receive negative prior year aid adjustments, and 55 districts will receive no prior year aid adjustment. In 2019-20, over $16.8 million will be appropriated for high poverty aid from the general fund.

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