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Legislators Circulate Bill Requiring Testing of School Drinking Water for Lead

By John Forester | August 7, 2019

From WisPolitics.com …

With clean drinking water a hot topic in the state Capitol, four GOP lawmakers are circulating legislation to address lead-tainted water in schools, day care centers, group homes and summer camps.

The lawmakers have dubbed the package the Supporting Children’s Health by Ousting Outdated Lead Acts, or SCHOOL Acts.

One bill would require all schools that receive public funding to test for lead contamination in their drinking water. If the presence of lead was above allowable levels, the source of the water would have to be taken offline and an alternative source would have to be provided.

If remediation was necessary and schools couldn’t afford it in the current budget, districts could go to a referendum outside of a regularly scheduled election. The bill also would encourage loans from the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands by using money from a largely federally funded program to buy down interest rates.

The second bill would require testing drinking water for lead as a condition to renew or continue licenses for day cares, group homes and summer camps. If unacceptable levels of lead are detected, the contaminated source would have to be taken offline, clean water provided and a remediation plan developed.

See the release here.

LRB-3539 Memo Lead Testing (Cowles, Rob) Lead testing of potable water sources in certain schools; providing loans for lead remediation in certain schools; and providing an exception to referendum restrictions for lead remediation. Deadline: Tuesday, August 20, 5 pm

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