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Evers Budget Request: $1.4 Billion K-12 Increase

By John Forester | September 17, 2018

From WisPolitics:

State Superintendent Tony Evers is asking for an additional $1.4 billion in state money over the next two years to fund K-12 education, more than double the boost schools got in the 2017-19 budget.

The request comes as Evers challenges Gov. Scott Walker this fall with education funding one of the key issues.

The current budget pumped an additional $648 million into K-12 education, the largest increase in a decade. Evers is seeking a boost of more than 10 percent over 2019-21 even as Walker directed state agencies to keep spending flat in their budget proposals.

Evers is proposing an overall increase in school state aids of nearly $2.5 billion. But that would be offset by re-directing $1.1 billion that now goes into the school levy tax credit, resulting in the request for $1.4 billion in new money.

The proposed increase in aids includes an additional $606.1 million to increase special education funding, which would more than double the current reimbursement rate.

DPI spokesman Tom McCarthy said the agency’s proposal would restore the state’s commitment to fund two-thirds of education costs. The state is at 65.8 percent for the 2018-19 school year, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

McCarthy also said the impact on property taxes would be neutral under the proposal.

Agency budget requests are due to the Department of Administration on Monday. DPI provided WisPolitics.com a document that included proposed spending levels. But that document didn’t include full details of the budget proposal.

See Wisconsin State Journal coverage here.

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