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SAA Testifies Against Teacher Protection Act

By John Forester | January 12, 2018

The SAA testified in opposition to Assembly Bill 693, the so-called Teacher Protection Act, at a lengthy and contentious public hearing held yesterday before the Assembly Committee on Judiciary.  The SAA feels so strongly about this legislation that we have taken two extraordinary steps.  First, we retained Attorney Mike Julka of the Boardman & Clark Law Firm to prepare a thorough legal analysis of AB 693.  Second, Attorney Julka appeared at the hearing with SAA Executive Director John Forester to share with the Committee the major concerns we have with AB 693 as identified in that legal analysis.  The SAA’s testimony was impactful to say the least.  I urge all interested SAA members to review the legal analysis.  It clearly illustrates that AB 693 has massive legal and policy problems.

Several SAA members also delivered testimony in opposition to the bill.  WCASS members Barb Buffington and Jerry Nicholson did a fabulous job testifying as a team before the Committee.  Paul Brost, Monona Grove High School principal, also attended the hearing and submitted testimony.

Opponents of the bill were clearly more numerous and better organized than proponents at the hearing.  The coalition of bill opponents included school administrators, school board members, teachers, legal and civil rights advocates, and a very strong and vocal contingent of disability rights advocates.  No action was taken on the bill by the Committee yesterday.  It’s fate in the Assembly remains uncertain.  And remember, the bill currently has no Senate sponsor.

Stay tuned.

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